Hawai`i Pacific Review is Hawai`i Pacific University’s online literary magazine. It features poetry and prose by authors from Hawai‘i, the mainland, and around the world. While we often publish work about Hawai‘i and the Pacific, we accept great work from all regions and on all subjects.

HPR publishes work on a rolling basis. We believe that the traditional issue-based model of serial publishing is not suited to the online environment. Instead, we publish poems, stories, essays, and visual art one piece at a time, several times a month. All contents are archived on the site. 

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us immediately if your work is placed elsewhere. (And please withdraw your submissions via this site).

Submissions are accepted all year round, though responses generally take longer during the summer months. HPR is edited by the students and faculty at Hawai`i Pacific University. 

HPR acquires internet rights to the pieces we publish. All other rights remain with the author.